1) Our topic this summer has been... a) Mechanical Intelligence (building machines) b) Emotional Intelligence c) Academic Intelligence (school subjects) d) None of the above 2) What does "Emotional Intelligence" mean... a) Getting smart about what we feel and why b) Learning how to understand how others feel c) Figuring out how to deal with hard emotions d) All of the above 3) Is sadness a good emotion or a bad emotion? a) Good emotion b) Bad emotion c) Not good or bad... just human 4) What are some things that might make us feel sad? a) Go ahead and share b) I am ALWAYS happy 5) Why can sadness sometimes be helpful? a) It helps us know when something is wrong b) It is not helpful at all c) It helps us care about others when they are sad d) Answers "a" and "c" 6) How can I feel better when I am very sad? a) Cry and cry and cry and cry... b) Talk to someone who cares about us c) Get up and move (dance) d) Answers "b" and "c" 7) How does "joy" make us feel? a) Light and full of energy b) Low and slow c) Frightened d) Sick 8) Why is it helpful to be happy at our job? a) Ughh, work is never fun b) Gives us energy and enables us to do a good job c) I don't think it's really helpful 9) What are some things that give us joy? a) I am NEVER happy b) Your turn to share 10) When it is not helpful to act happy? a) When we are talking with a friend who is feeling sad b) When we aren't actually happy c) When we are at work and getting BIG happy would not be appropri d) All of the above 11) Fear- is that a good emotion or a bad emotion? a) A bad emotion b) A good emotion c) Not good or bad... just human 12) So, how can fear be helpful? a) Makes us want to stay at home and never go out b) Keeps us safe from real dangers c) Fear is NEVER helpful 13) Do we want to try something new when we feel scared? a) No way b) Probably not c) I'm never SCARED to try new things d) Answers "a" and "b" 14) What is one way to get past the fear that is not helpful? a) Ask someone to help us b) Nothing can make it better 15) What is another way...? a) Nothing can make it better b) Take scary steps one at a time 16) One more way... a) Think about the good things on the other side of our fear b) Nothing can make it better 17) So... how are you feeling? a) Happy b) Sad c) Scared d) Angry e) All of our emotions are good


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