1) What is something that would embarrass you? 2) What is your favorite story and why do you like it? 3) What do children owe their caregivers? 4) Name 3 things that make you happy. 5) What do you do when you feel embarrassed? 6) Tell about a recent movie you enjoyed. 7) What emotion is your least favorite? 8) I am proud of.... 9) Do you have a favorite website? 10) Who can help you move toward your best hopes? 11) What is something you came close to giving up on? 12) What is the toughest decision you have made this year? 13) How good are you at time management? 14) What is something that always cheers you up? 15) Tell about a time you made a mistake in your life. What did you learn? 16) Recently I felt fearful when..... 17) How much of a priority do you make sleep? 18) How independent are you? 19) What is your number one goal for the next 6 months? 20) What is the biggest personal change you have ever made? 21) Do you think everything will work out for the best? 22) Has trying too hard to be happy ever make you sad? 23) What is one thing you hate about computers? 24) Have you ever missed a good thing because you were focused on something else? 25) What obstacles exist in your life? 26) What teacher do you appreciate? 27) Who is the happiest person you know? 28) What is the most important thing you ever forgot? 29) How would you like to change our world? 30) What is your favorite way to exercise, even if a small amount? 31) What do you like to do in your free time? 32) Name 2 people with whom you would like to spend the whole day. What would you like to do with them? 33) What kind of reading do you like to do? 34) To whom can you turn if you need to feel comforted? 35) Name 3 bad habits you have. 36) I don't like people who.... 37) What is one thing you failed at many times, but kept trying until you finally succeeded? 38) How would you describe your personality? 39) Who do you love? How do you show your love to them? 40) How competitive are you?


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