1) He will just demolish your arguments in a very academic and _______ way. a) obliging b) methodical c) stingy 2) Julia has always been diligent and ______ about her studies. a) quick-tempered b) chauvinistic c) conscientious 3) He was raised during war-time, so he is quite _________. a) superficial b) chauvinistic c) charming 4) This politician is very ________. He wouldn't let this case go unnoticed. a) opportunistic b) insecure c) placid 5) Mandy got __________ and fell from the bar. a) carried away b) carried on c) carried rond 6) You have to be _________ to be able to go parachute jumping. a) imaginative b) conscientious c) courageous 7) She wouldn't spend a penny on that. She's so _________. a) stingy b) over-anxious c) intuitive 8) Helen was a _____ child who rarely cried. a) elegant b) placid c) shrewd 9) Having studied the room, she got a ________ understanding of the situation. a) shrewd b) altruistic c) morose 10) After his mother's death, he became _________. He wasn't willing to leave the house and meet up with anyone. a) sharp-tongued b) morose c) tolerant

Character and Personality - Unit 8 Advanced Vocabulary in Use


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