1) What is the first thing you should say to each new customer? a) Nothing... just be quiet b) "Hi!" c) "I have a dog." 2) What should you ask the customer before you start to bag their groceries? a) "Do you want paper or plastic bags?" b) "Where do you live?" c) "What's your name?" 3) Where should you put hamburger and chicken? a) In a bag with the cereal b) In a bag with the oranges and lettuce c) In a bag by themselves 4) Where should you put the apples and celery? a) In a bag with pot roast b) In a bag with other fruit and vegetables c) In a bag with canned veggies 5) When you are putting heavy cans into a plastic bag you should... a) Just use one bag b) Use two bags to keep it from breaking c) Use five bags 6) Where should the bread go in the shopping bag? a) On top of other heavy items b) Under the cans of soup c) In a bag all by itself d) A and C 7) How about a box of eggs... where should it go? a) In a bag by itself b) In a bag under the meat c) In the bottom of the shopping cart 8) Which of these shopping bags is too much to carry? a) b) 9) What is the best way to put shopping bags into the shopping cart? a) Heavy bags on the top and light bags on the bottom b) Light bags on the top and heavy bags on the bottom c) Just throw them in any way youwant 10) Where should you put the big cases of water? a) In a shopping bag b) On top of the potato chips c) Under the shopping cart 11) After the customer pays and is ready to leave, what should you say to them? a) Say, "Thanks... have a nice day" b) Don't say anything c) Say, "Hurry-up... get out of the way" 12) If you run out of shopping bags... what should you do? a) Do nothing b) Shout, "I need more bags!" c) Get some more bags 13) When you are bagging, what should you talk with your co-workers about? a) Don't talk about anything... keep to yourself b) Talk about your weekend plans c) Talk about why you are mad at the boss 14) If you get hungry during work you should... a) Wait until break to have a snack b) Call your mom or dad c) Eat a candy bar while bagging groceries


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