1) What is the weather like in the winter where we live? a) cold b) hot 2) In what month does winter begin? a) December b) July 3) What is one activity you can do in the snow? a) sled b) swim 4) What is one clothing item you can wear in the winter? a) mittens b) shorts 5) What holiday do we celebrate in the winter? a) Christmas b) Memorial Day 6) What can people shovel in the winter? a) snow b) mud 7) What is something you can make with snow in the winter? a) cake b) snowman 8) A blizzard is when there is a very large amount of _______________. a) rain b) snow 9) I wear _______________on my feet in the winter. a) boots b) flip flops 10) In winter, the days are ______________________. a) longer b) shorter


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