1) Who brings presents to girls and boys on Christmas Eve? a) Elves b) Santa c) Presents 2) Where does the star go? a) On top of the tree b) Under the tree c) Next to the tree 3) Who pulls Santa's sleigh? a) Elves b) Santa c) Reindeer 4) What do we drink when it is cold? a) Water b) Hot chocolate c) Juice 5) Where does Santa live? a) The North Pole b) A gingerbread house c) The mall 6) What do we leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? a) Presents b) Cookies and milk c) Hot chocolate 7) When is Christmas? a) December 25th b) October 31st c) January 1st 8) What do you use to wrap a present?  a) Present b) Toys c) Wrapping paper 9) What do we hang on the tree? a) Stockings b) Ornaments c) Star 10) Who helps Santa make the presents? a) Elves b) Reindeer c) Christmas Tree


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