offended - That's what you feel if your friend doesn't invite you to their wedding., homesick - That's what you feel when you went to study abroad and you really miss your family and friends., disappointed - That's when you don't get a job you were hoping to get., lonely - That's when you move to a new town and don't have any friends., proud - That's when someone in your family wins an important prize., nervous - You are going to talk in public for the first time in your life., grateful - A stranger gives you a lot of help with your problem., shocked - You discover that you have a brother you had never known about., relieved - You're abroad and you think that somebody has stolen your passport and then you find it., stunned - very surprised and unable to move or to react, devastated - extremely upset, delighted - very pleased, thrilled - very excited, astonished - amazed, very surprised, desperate - with little hope, and ready to do anything to improve the situation, overwhelmed - feeling such strong emotions that you don't know how to react, bewildered - extremely confused, horrified - extremely shocked or disgusted, to be scared stiff - terrified, down - sad or depressed, shattered - exhausted, gobsmacked - astonished, sick of - fed up or irritated, gutted - very disappointed,

NEF Upper-intermediate Vocabulary 5A Feelings


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