1) You just took a bite of your grandma's pie and you don't like it. What do you do? a) Spit it out on your plate b) Yell, "this is gross" c) Quietly, put it in a napkin 2) You are watching TV and your uncle changes the channel. What do you do? a) Ask him if you can watch your show b) Yell at him c) Grab the TV remote from him 3) Your cousin bumped into you trying to sit down at the table. What do you do? a) Yell at him to "watch out"! b) Move over to give him more space. c) Ignore him 4) You want mash potatoes but they are on the other side of the table, What do you do? a) Yell, "Can I have the potatoes!" b) Ask if someone could please pass the potatoes. c) Get up and go get the potates 5) Your baby sister keeps crying and its annoying. What should you do a) Try giving her a toy to play with b) Yell at her to stop crying c) Go into another room to get away from her 6) Your family is sitting down for dinner and you spill your drink. What should you do? a) Blame the person sitting next you b) Cry c) Get a towel to help clean up the mess 7) There is one gingerbread cookie left and you and your brother both want it. What do you do? a) Grab the cookie and eat it b) Break the cookie in half and share it c) Yell, "I want the last cookie!" 8) You just burped loudly at the dinner table a) Say "excuse me" b) Laugh c) Try to burb again 9) Your cousins are getting ready to play a game and didn't ask you to play. What do you do? a) Call your cousins a mean name b) Knock the game over c) Ask if you can play with them 10) Your friend wants to play the game Uno but you want to play Don't Break the Ice. What do you do? a) Refuse to play Uno b) Compromise and play both games c) Tell your friend Uno is a dumb game 11) You open your present and you don't like it. What do you do? a) Throw it b) Say thank you c) Say, "I don't like this" 


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