1) What do people put on the Christmas trees? a) decorations b) socks c) papers 2) What do you usually give to your family on Christmas Day? a) a plane ticket b) a chocolate bar c) presents 3) What do you send to your friends for Christmas? a) a wedding video b) a Valentine's card c) a Christmas card 4) What do people usually sing during Christmas? a) Christmas carols b) Beatles c) The year's number 1 hit 5) Who is Rudolf? a) Santa's cleaning man b) Santa's reindeer c) an elf 6) What is a typical present for a child? a) toys b) a tie c) some CD's 7) We always put the presents _________ the Xmas tree. a) in b) on c) under 8) When is boxing day? a) 26th December b) 25th December c) 24th December 9) When is Christmas day? a) 24th December b) 25th December c) 26th December 10) When is Christmas Eve? a) 23rd December b) 26th December c) 24th December 11) How many reindeer pull Santa's sleigh (including Rudolph)? a) 9 b) 7 c) 8 12) Who are Santa's helpers? a) elves b) dwarves c) little animals 13) Where does Santa live? a) America b) North Pole c) South Pole d) Finland


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