1) How should you join a conversation? a) Interrupt who is talking. b) Run up to the person who is talking c) Ask an on-topic question. 2) If the group is talking about what their favorite video game is. Pick the correct on-topic response. a) I can't wait for it to snow. b) I really like to play Minecraft. c) I'm going to the store after school. 3) How should you end a conversation? a) Say, "it was nice talking to you". b) Walk away while the other person is still talking. c) Say, "I'm done talking to you". 4) Your two friends are talking about making a snowman. You join the conversation by saying, "I can't wait for school to be over". Is this on-topic or off-topic? a) On-Topic b) Off-Topic 5) Your friends are talking about making a snowman. What can you say or do to join the conversation? a) Run up and throw a snowball at them. b) I like to go sledding. c) Can I help you make a snowman? 6) How can you start a conversation? a) Interrupt the person if they look busy. b) Walk up to the person you want to talk to and say. "Hi". c) Only talk about things you like. 7) Your teacher is talking about the solar system and planets. She asks the class if they have any questions. Pick the correct on-topic question. a) When do we go to lunch? b) Why do bear hibernate for the winter? c) What is the biggest planet? 8) When having a conversation you should always do this. a) Take turns when talking b) Only talk about what you want to talk about. c) Interrupt the other person talking. 9) Your uncle asks you how you are doing in school. Pick the best on-topic response. a) I have a soccer game this weekend. b) I learned about the solar system this week. c) I can't wait for winter break! 10) Your friends are talking about playing tag at recess. You join the conversation by saying, "Can I play tag with you". Is this On-Topic or Off-Topic? a) On-Topic b) Off-Topic 11) Which picture shows good conversation skills? a) b) c) 12) Your teacher is busy talking to another student. What is the best way to get her attention? a) Raise your hand and wave it around! b) Call out to you teacher and say, "I need help" c) Say, "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" 13) Which picture shows bad conversation skills? a) b) c) 14) Your mom is talking on the phone and cooking dinner but you need to ask her a question. What should you do. a) Wait until she gets off the phone and then ask your question. b) Keep saying "mom" over and over again. c) Interrupt and ask your question even though she is busy.


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