1) It is a surprise party so please don't spill the beans. a) invite anyone b) ruin the surprise c) tell everyone 2) Before my solo in the play, I had butterflies in my stomach. a) had a stomach ache b) was nervous c) was feeling confident 3) Its very late, I should hit the hay. a) go to sleep b) head outside c) go to the farm 4) That was such a fun party! Time flies when you are having fun. a) I lost my watch. b) Time goes fast when you're enjoying yourself. c) What time is it? 5) My mom said, "break a leg!" as I left for my audition. a) don't fall b) get hurt c) good luck 6) My car is out of gas, I am in a pickle. a) have a problem b) am hungry c) need food 7) What a storm! It is raining cats and dogs! a) raining really hard b) there are animals everywhere c) at the pet store 8) Hold your horses! Before you leave, do you have your lunch? a) I need to feed the horses b) Wait! c) Lets go to the farm 9) I have a fever today. I am feeling under the weather. a) its going to snow b) feeling sick c) need an umbrella 10) That TV is $10,000 - it costs an arm and a leg! a) it is very expensive b) can't find it anywhere c) it is cheap 11) You also forgot your homework? We are in the same boat. a) are going boating b) are both in the water c) have the same problem 12) I want to hear how your dad was - I am all ears. a) I have a lot of ears. b) I am ready to listen. c) I'm tired. 13) You watched so many movies today. You are a couch potato. a) lazy, watching tv all day b) need to cook dinner c) a movie person 14) I'll have ice cream for dinner once in a blue moon. a) every day b) all the time c) rarely 15) Can you give me a hand with the dishes? a) help me b) pass me your hand c) high five


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