1) Take a deep Belly Breath 2) Close you eyes and count to 10 3) Name 5 things that you can see around you. It could be the lines on your own hand, a poster on the wall or your computer screen. 4) Name 4 things you can feel right now It can be the softness of your clothes, the smoothness of your desk or any itchy you feelings you may have.  5) Name 3 sounds you hear. It can be cars outside, peoples footsteps or even the sound of your own tummy rumbling. 6) Name 2 things you can smell. If you need to, move to another part of the room to smell something. If you can't find anything to smell, think of your 2 favorite things to smell 7) Name 1 thing you can taste. If could be mint from toothpaste, or whatever you ate last. If you can't taste anything right now, focus on your favorite thing to taste. 8) Take another deep belly breath


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