1) What can you see when you go for walk? a) Squirrel b) Refrigerator c) Pan 2) Where can you brush your teeth? a) Kitchen b) Yard c) Bathroom 3) When do you sleep? a) Morning b) Afternoon c) Night 4) Who do you pay in the store? a) Clown b) Cashier c) Firefighter 5) Why do you drink? a) I am hungry b) I am tired c) I am thirsty 6) What can you have for breakfast? a) Sneakers b) Protien milkshake c) Pizza 7) Where can you buy blueberries? a) Grocery store b) Library c) Doctor's office 8) When can you swim in a pool? a) When it is snowing b) Winter c) Summer 9) Who can help you? a) Bear b) Mom and Dad c) Skunk 10) Why do you wear a coat? a) Because you are cold b) Because you are hungry c) Because you are fast 11) What helps us to dry off? a) Ball b) Towel c) Car 12) Where can you sleep? a) Store b) Boardwalk c) Bedroom 13) When do you get dressed? a) In the morning b) At night c) When hiking 14) Who can helps you at the doctor's office? a) Zebra b) Nurse c) Snake 15) Why do we use an umbrella? a) To eat lunch b) To stay cold c) To stay dry

WH Questions related to immediate environment (15)


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