revision - In order to prepare for an exam, you do some * (REVISE)., aptitude - Many young people take an * (APT) test to determine which career they are best suited for., invigilator - The presence of an * (INVIGILATE) will deter candidates taking exams from cheating., memorise - In order to pass many exams, students have to * (MEMORY) a lot of information., requirements - Each university has its own * (REQUIRE) when it comes to passing scores., tutor - If students can afford it, they often choose to study with a * (TUITION) to prepare for exams., resit - Failing an exam usually means one has to * (SIT) it., comprehension - Foreign language exams test the students' * (COMPREHEND) of written and spoken text., intelligence - Exams are rarely a test of * (INTELLIGENT)., assessment - Many argue that exams are useful because they offer * (ASSESS) of a student’s progress., examinee - Before taking the real test, the * (EXAM) is advised to take several mock ones., entrance - Most prestigious schools have * (ENTER) exams.,




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