1) How long does the Chinese New Year celebration last? a) 1 day b) 7 days c) 15 days d) 30 days 2) There is a grand celebration that takes place 15 days after the day of the Chinese New Year. What is it called? a) Moon Festival b) Dragon Boat Festival c) Kite Festival d) Lantern Festival 3) Is China the only country that celebrates Lunar New Year? a) Yes b) No 4) What is typically made of silk, paper, and bamboo, and is the highlight of the traditional lantern festival? a) Floats b) Lanterns c) Dragon d) Fans 5) What color symbolizes fire, which according to legend, can drive away bad luck and evil spirits? a) Huang se b) Zi se c) Hong se d) Cheng se 6) When is Chinese New Year Eve this year? a) 2/10 b) 2/11 c) 2/12 d) 2/13 7) Does Chinese New Year always fall on the same date of the year? a) Yes b) No 8) According to the legend, what was the monster Nian not afraid of? a) Red color b) Loud noise c) Fire d) People 9) Which food is not the traditional food that people usually eat during Chinese New Year? a) Dumplings b) Fish c) Fortune cookie d) Yuan xiao (tang yuan) 10) What do Chinese people usually not do during Chinese New Year? a) Having a dragon boat race b) Visiting families and friends c) Hanging lanterns d) Setting off firecrackers


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