that was so easy - piece of cake, I feel sad - I'm feeling blue, you have nothing to say - cat got your tongue, good luck - break a leg, it's raining really hard - raining cats and dogs, a bit grumpy - wrong side of the bed, wanting to back out of a situation - get cold feet, become very angry - hit the ceiling, go above and beyond - go the extra mile, drink heavily - drink like a fish, duplicate - dead ringer, even more than the good you already have - icing on the cake, understand the details - know the ropes, to share something that was secret - let the cat out of the bag, undecided - on the fence, shut up - pipe down, no more energy - run out of steam, something unexpected happens - out of the blue, a long time - till the cows come home, something that will never happen - when pigs fly,


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