Downloads for Windows

 We recommend that new customers do not download and install Wordwall.

Wordwall was originally an installed PC application. In 2016 it was moved to the web.

Almost all features are now available online. The download is only required if you wish to integrate with Wordpad clickers and tablets.

The latest PC version of Wordwall is 3.5.32.

This download is suitable for standalone installations;
for network installations use the MSI installer.

Help for Windows version

Help with installation and registration

System requirements | Installing Wordwall 3 | User registration | Network installations

Installation and registration FAQs

Additional downloads

Most users of Wordwall will not need to access any of the items past this point. If you are in any doubt about their purpose or you are looking for something in particular, please contact us.

Latest Wordwall 3 MSI

Wordwall MSI Installer (3.5.32)


Wordvote EXE Installer (2.1.12)
Wordvote MSI Installer (2.1.12)

Wordpad 1 drivers

Wordpad1 32bit EXE Handset Drivers
Wordpad1 64bit EXE Handset Drivers
Wordpad1 32bit MSI Handset Drivers
Wordpad1 64bit MSI Handset Drivers

Most recent version of Wordwall 2

Wordwall 32/64bit EXE Installer (2.3.99)
Wordwall 32/64bit MSI Installer (2.3.99)

Most recent multilingual version of Wordwall 2

Wordwall 32bit EXE Installer (2.1.70)
Wordwall 64bit EXE Installer (2.1.70)
Wordwall 32bit MSI Installer (2.1.70)
Wordwall 64bit MSI Installer (2.1.70)

Most recent version of Wordwall 1

Wordwall 32/64bit EXE Installer (1.1.16)

Help and support files

Teamviewer desktop sharing application
Old getting started guide for Wordwall 2 + Wordpad 1
Old getting started guide for Wordwall 2 + Wordpad 2

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