Desert: Hot Dry Climate, Most animals are nocturnal here because it is cooler at night, A cactus would be a producer you would find in this biome, Animals such as roadrunners, coyotes, Gila Monsters, and Snakes live here., Grassland: "Breadbasket" of the world, Savannas are a type of this biome, Cattle Ranchers use this biome to feed their herds, Animals like Zebras can be found here., Temperate Deciduous Forest: Leaves shed their leaves to conserve resources in winter, Deep soil layers, rich in nutrients support large trees, Has 4 seasons, 2nd most precipitous biome (in the form of rain, snow, hail, fog), Tropical Rainforest: Has the most biodiversity (most animals and plants), is split into 4 zones, little plant life on forest floor due to lack of light, animals like sloths, tree frogs, ants, birds, and butterflies live here, Taiga: has thin, acidic soil that lacks nutrients for plants to grow, also known as the coniferous forest with spruces, pines, and furs, animals like elk, moose, and wolverines live here, two major seasons, long winter and short summer, Tundra: coldest biome, has a permanently frozen layer of soil known as permafrost, animals such as arctic foxes and polar bears live here, long cold winter with a 60 day growing season in summer, Aquatic: Coral reefs are part of this biome, rivers, lakes, and streams make up the freshwater biomes, oceans make up the saltwater biomes, animals that live in this biome have adaptations to survive in water,





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