Primary Sources: I found a letter to one of my friends in the locker room after school the other day. I know it’s private, but I want to read it! What is the letter?, My friends and I found an old wedding dress in our attic. My father said it belonged to my grandmother. What is the dress?, My friend Tim told me about a book he recently read and really enjoyed. When he talks about the book, what is he?, When I am doing homework for U.S. Government and I read the statements by Supreme Court Justices on landmark cases, what am I reading?, When I was at summer camp a few years ago, I found an arrowhead; I did research and found out it has been made by the Cherokee Indians. What is my arrowhead?, Secondary Sources: I was watching ESPN and one of the reporters said he had heard good reviews about a new sports movie. When he talks about the movie, what is he?, At school we use textbooks to learn about the history of the United States. When we use textbooks, what are we using?, I like to read People magazine. I really like the articles written by others about Hollywood actors. When I read these stories, what am I reading?, My mom has CDs of my grandparents telling stories about when they were kids. We love to listen to these at family gatherings. What are we listening to?, I am writing an essay on George Washington for my U.S. History class. I used articles from Wikipedia and another encyclopedia. What am I using?,




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