Washington's Presidency: Whiskey Rebellion, creation of the national bank, Farewell Address, organization of the executive branch, Proclamation of Neutrality, warned against political parties, emphasized a foreign policy of neutrality, Jefferson's Presidency: Embargo Act, Marbury vs. Madison, size of the navy is reduced, Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark expedition, America doubles in size, Americans are prohibited from trading with European nations, Adams' Presidency: Alien Act, XYZ Affair, Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions, Sedition Act, president and vice-president are from different political parties, Madison's Presidency: War of 1812, Non-Intercourse Act, burning of the White House, Battle of New Orleans, America begins to industrialize as a result of the war, Monroe's Presidency: Era of Good Feelings, Missouri Compromise, Florida Purchase, completion of the Erie Canal, Gibbons vs. Ogden, Mcculloch vs. Maryland, Monroe Doctrine, told European nations that the Western Hemisphere was closed for further colonization, Jackson's Presidency: Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Worcester vs. Georgia, introduced the spoils system, against the national bank, Nullification Crisis, South Carolina threats to secede, Jackson threatens to use force to prevent South Carolina from seceding,

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