1) Yesterday I______ to school.  a) walks b) walking c) walked  2) Joe is______ his room right now.  a) cleaned b) cleans c) cleaning 3) Tomorrow in math we ________ money.  a) counting b) will count c) counted 4) Dad is _________ the mail that came today.  a) opened b) opening c) will open 5) The girls ________ when the weather is nice.  a) walked b) walking c) will walk 6) Yesterday we __________ with our friends at the park. a) played b) playing c) will play 7) In Social Studies we are ___________ about the Continents. a) learned b) will learn c) learning 8) I __________ my mom cook dinner tonight.  a) helps b) will help c) helping 9) The dog is _____________ at the people walking by. a) barking b) will bark c) barked 10) The boy __________ his teeth earlier this morning. a) brushed b) will brush c) brushing




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