Second Great Awakening - Religious movement characterized by deep religious fervor to change self and the world, led to new denomination and reform movement, Temperance Movement - Stop people from drinking alcohol, Horace Mann - Leader of education reform, teacher training, longer school year, curriculum, Seneca Falls Conference - Women's rights conference in New York, Declaration of Sentiments - Women's rights document written at Seneca Falls, Elizabeth Cady Stanton - Women's rights leader, Susan B Anthony - Planned Seneca Falls, women's rights, Suffrage - Right to vote, Dorothea Dix - Led to reform of mental health, asylums, and prisons, Abolition - Movement to end slavery, Frederick Douglass - Escaped slave, famous writer and speaker, the North Star newspaper, William Lloyd Garrison - Famous abolitionist, The Liberator newspaper, Sojourner Truth - Famous speaker and writer on abolition and women's rights, Underground Railroad - Escape routes from the South to North for slaves, Harriet Tubman - Famous escaped slave and conductor on the Underground Railroad, Hudson River School - Artists famous for painting landscapes, Civil Disobedience - Thoreau's idea that one disobeys unfair laws as a form of protest ie not paying a tax,




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