Sectionalism - When you support your own region more than the whole country., Abolitionist - Someone who worked to end slavery., Underground Railroad - Series of routes and safe houses to help slaves escape to the north., Uncle Tom's Cabin - Book by Harriet Beecher Stowe that showed the evils of slavery and convinced many people that slavery had to end., Popular Sovereignty - Some territories could vote to become a slave or free state, using this principle., Missouri Compromise of 1820 - outlawed slavery in any territories or states north of 36°30´ latitude., Protective Tariffs - Taxes placed on imported goods. The purpose is to protect domestic producers. Mainly benefited the north and hurt the south., Fugitive Slave Act - Required that northern states forcibly return escaped slaves to their southern owners, Compromise of 1850 - (1) California admitted as free state, (2) territorial status and popular sovereignty of Utah and New Mexico territories, Dred Scott v. Sanford - Supreme Court case which ruled that slaves are not citizens but are property, Kansas-Nebraska Act - This Act set up territory west of Missouri. Each state would use popular sovereignty to decide what to do about slavery. This began fighting in the area., Bleeding Kansas - A series of violent fights between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces in Kansas, John Brown - Well-known abolitionist that used violence to stop slavery immediately, Secede - To leave or withdraw, Harriet Tubman - Leader of the Underground Railroad, Compromise - An agreement in which both sides give up some demands, Republican Party - Created in 1854 with main goal of keeping slavery out of the new U.S. territories, Nullification - A state's refusal to recognize an act of Congress that it considers unconstitutional, West - Region of the U.S. in the 1800's that was a destination for settlers due to its abundant natural resources. There was an emphasis on mining. Ranching and farming were also important., North - Region of the U.S. in the 1800's that was the center for industry, manufacturing, and shipping.,




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