observation - Information we gather directly through use of our five senses., inference - An explanation for an observation you have made. They are based on your past experiences and prior knowledge., problem - The question you are trying to answer., research - You must try to find information about your PROBLEM by looking in books, online, etc., hypothesis - This is an educated guess or prediction about what you think is going to happen. It must be an "If...then..." statement., procedures - The steps you must take in order to do your experiment., experiment - This step is where you test your hypothesis, organize data - Create charts, tables, graphs, and pictures to show your proof., conclusion - This is where you state whether your hypothesis was correct or not, and make suggestions for future experiments., controlled variable - These are the things in your experiment that you must keep the same during your testing., independent variable - These are the things that you, the scientist change in the experiment., dependent variable - This is what changes (the outcome) because of what you/the scientist changed during the experiment.,





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