Newton's 1st Law: A seatbelt keeps a person from continuing to move as a car comes to a sudden stop, The tendency of an object to resist changes in motion , Friction causes a book to stop sliding across a table, A hockey puck continues to slide across ice until it hits the net, Inertia, Newton's 2nd Law: Relationship between force, mass, and acceleration, An empty grocery cart will accelerate more than a full one if the same force is applied to both, It takes a train traveling 60 mph 2 miles to come to a complete stop, A car with smaller mass takes less force to stop than a car with larger mass, If the mass of a wagon increases it will require more force to make it accelerate , Newton's 3rd Law: Your skateboard moves forward when you push backward, Jet flies upward as exhaust pushes downward, All forces are in pairs, If a car hits the wall with 500N of force the wall hits the car with 500N of force, Action forces & Reaction forces,





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