Convergent plate boundary - where two plates collide., Divergent plate boundary - where two plates move apart., Lithosphere - the outermost rigid layer of the Earth, made up of two parts: the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle., Plate Tectonics - a geological theory well-supported by evidence that Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into plates that float and move around on the mantle., Subduction - the process in which lithosphere plunges back into the interior of the Earth., Tectonic plate - a piece of the lithosphere that may consist of continents, parts of continents, and parts of the sea floor., Transform boundary - where two plats move past each other horizontally., Continental drift - theory that all continents were once connected in a single, large landmass that broke apart and drifted slowly to their current positions., Pangea - the single land mass formed by joining of all the continents about 200-300 million years ago., Sea-floor spreading - the process in which two undersea tectonic plates move apart and new sea is formed as molten rock within Earth rises through cracks along the mid-ocean ridge., Asthenosphere - a zone of the Earth's mantle that lies beneath the lithosphere and is involved in plate tectonic movements. ,




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