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Present Simple vs Present Continuous
Present Simple vs Present Continuous Complete the sentence
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Complete the sentence
Animals Labelled diagram
Halloween Match up
Colours Labelled diagram
What are they doing?
What are they doing? Speaking cards
Present Perfect (affirmative, negative)
Present Perfect (affirmative, negative) Complete the sentence
Questions with " TO BE"
Questions with " TO BE" Spin the wheel
Some or any?
Some or any? True or false
English Spin the wheel
questions Spin the wheel
W - Fragen A1.1
W - Fragen A1.1 Match up
Days of the week
Days of the week Spin the wheel
Australia (Geography)
Australia (Geography) Labelled diagram
HE / SHE Group sort
Questions (Class 3)
Questions (Class 3) Spin the wheel
Phonetic Alphabet
Phonetic Alphabet Speaking cards
Trennbare Verben - pracovní list
Trennbare Verben - pracovní list Complete the sentence
My favourite animals
My favourite animals Match up
Have got
Have got Quiz
English speaking countries 1
English speaking countries 1 Quiz
To be + / -  2.
To be + / - 2. Flash cards
ICE BREAKER Spin the wheel
Holidays, travel
Holidays, travel Unjumble
Make, do, take
Make, do, take Spin the wheel
Animals Match up
At the Beach
At the Beach Labelled diagram
Clothes description
Clothes description Labelled diagram
Body Parts_UI/Advanced
Body Parts_UI/Advanced Labelled diagram
Numbers 11-20
Numbers 11-20 Match up
There is / there are
There is / there are Labelled diagram
Quiz English
Quiz English Quiz
-ED pronunciation
-ED pronunciation Group sort
English speaking countries
English speaking countries Quiz
will x going to questions
will x going to questions Speaking cards
Easy questions and answers
Easy questions and answers Complete the sentence
Flowers Match up
Countable, uncountable
Countable, uncountable Group sort
to be + / -
to be + / - Open the box
to be questions
to be questions Speaking cards
Phrasal verbs
Phrasal verbs Open the box
Project 2 - 1D Household jobs
Project 2 - 1D Household jobs Flash cards
Family Members
Family Members Gameshow quiz
NJ7. Zimmerreservierung
NJ7. Zimmerreservierung Unjumble
Room description
Room description Labelled diagram
Time to rhyme I
Time to rhyme I Open the box
Collocations Spin the wheel
My bedroom
My bedroom Flash cards
Was/Were Translation
Was/Were Translation Speaking cards
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