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Facts about Freud
Facts about Freud Whack-a-mole
Parts of the Brain
Parts of the Brain Labelled diagram
Issues and Debates
Issues and Debates Spin the wheel
BTEC Reliability and Validity
BTEC Reliability and Validity Match up
Research Methods Terminology Check
Research Methods Terminology Check Find the match
Uimhreacha i bhfoirm focal
Uimhreacha i bhfoirm focal Balloon pop
The Brain
The Brain Labelled diagram
Synapse - Label
Synapse - Label Labelled diagram
Neuron - Label
Neuron - Label Labelled diagram
Factors affecting wellbeing
Factors affecting wellbeing Match up
The psychodynamic approach
The psychodynamic approach Gameshow quiz
Conformity Wordsearch
Observation Crossword
Observation Crossword Crossword
Synaptic transmission
Synaptic transmission Rank order
A01 knowledge check
A01 knowledge check Spin the wheel
Memory Quiz
The nervous system crossword
The nervous system crossword Crossword
Reflex arc
Reflex arc Labelled diagram
Part 1 of Schizophrenia - Key Term Sort
Part 1 of Schizophrenia - Key Term Sort Group sort
Milgram's obedience
Milgram's obedience Spin the wheel
Social Influence Revision: Conformity
Social Influence Revision: Conformity Gameshow quiz
Nature or Nurture?
Nature or Nurture? Group sort
Charactersitics of a Confident Person
Charactersitics of a Confident Person Open the box
Processes of Memory
Processes of Memory Airplane
Social Influence Revision: Obedience
Social Influence Revision: Obedience Maze chase
Consent Match up
Skills: Variables
Skills: Variables Quiz
Maths / Fortnite
Maths / Fortnite Quiz
Asch's Variations
Asch's Variations Group sort
fun flyers
fun flyers Spin the wheel
Excuse Busting
Excuse Busting Spin the wheel
Week 20 PSY Phobias
Week 20 PSY Phobias Group sort
name  3........
name 3........ Speaking cards
16 Habits of Learning
16 Habits of Learning Flip tiles
Learning Theories
Learning Theories Speaking cards
Self Report
Self Report Spin the wheel
f My country Project 2 Unit 5
f My country Project 2 Unit 5 Wordsearch
Untitle Match up
Gender Bias Key Terminology
Gender Bias Key Terminology Match up
how long ?
how long ? Speaking cards
The Multi Store Model
The Multi Store Model Spin the wheel
Test Maze chase
Sections of an Academic Report
Sections of an Academic Report Labelled diagram
Nature Nurture Debate
Nature Nurture Debate Complete the sentence
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