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Facts about Freud
Facts about Freud Whack-a-mole
fun flyers
fun flyers Random wheel
Asch's Variations
Asch's Variations Group sort
Uimhreacha i bhfoirm focal
Uimhreacha i bhfoirm focal Balloon pop
Nature Nurture Debate
Nature Nurture Debate Missing word
Sections of an Academic Report
Sections of an Academic Report Labelled diagram
Week 18 PSY Phobias
Week 18 PSY Phobias Group sort
Excuse Busting
Excuse Busting Random wheel
Home flashcards
Home flashcards Flash cards
B1 gang
B1 gang Random wheel
Baddeley's Study
Baddeley's Study Random wheel
CM6 Lesson 12
CM6 Lesson 12 Anagram
Memory types and encoding
Memory types and encoding Gameshow quiz
Memory summary
Memory summary Quiz
name  3........
name 3........ Random cards
Week 18 PSY What phobia is this?
Week 18 PSY What phobia is this? Gameshow quiz
Biopsychology  - Plasticity
Biopsychology - Plasticity Match up
Roata Emoţiilor
Roata Emoţiilor Random wheel
Gender Bias Key Terminology
Gender Bias Key Terminology Match up
how long ?
how long ? Random cards
The Multi Store Model
The Multi Store Model Random wheel
Test Maze chase
UBC Level 2 Recap
UBC Level 2 Recap Random cards
Parts of the Brain
Parts of the Brain Labelled diagram
Святочное гадание
Святочное гадание Open the box
Issues and Debates
Issues and Debates Random wheel
hapiness words
hapiness words Wordsearch
LGBTQIA+ Match up!
LGBTQIA+ Match up! Match up
Humanistic Terminology
Humanistic Terminology Random wheel
The psychodynamic approach
The psychodynamic approach Gameshow quiz
A01 knowledge check
A01 knowledge check Random wheel
Observation Crossword
Observation Crossword Crossword
Synaptic transmission
Synaptic transmission Rank order
Kian and Jim's birthday surprise
Kian and Jim's birthday surprise Whack-a-mole
Systematic Desensitisation of Phobias
Systematic Desensitisation of Phobias Rank order
The Eight Core Emotions
The Eight Core Emotions Match up
Yatop Anagram
Kohlberg's stages of morality
Kohlberg's stages of morality Group sort
Definitions of abnormality
Definitions of abnormality Wordsearch
Writing a report
Writing a report Match up
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