Year 10

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Now or not now?
Now or not now? True or false
 El Imperfecto
El Imperfecto Whack-a-mole
Adverbs of frequency
Adverbs of frequency Open the box
Scary sentences
Scary sentences Unjumble
What are they doing?
What are they doing? Gameshow quiz
Now or regularly
Now or regularly True or false
Easter in Britain
Easter in Britain Complete the sentence
Traits Hangman
Listening - Me llevo bien con mi familia
Listening - Me llevo bien con mi familia Complete the sentence
animal cell
animal cell Labelled diagram
 Las normas del insti
Las normas del insti Find the match
School rules
School rules Match up
Sectors and services
Sectors and services Match up
Aller Quiz
Um fit zu bleiben...
Um fit zu bleiben... Match up
DNA Labelled diagram
Starter - Las direcciones
Starter - Las direcciones Find the match
Holiday questions...
Holiday questions... Speaking cards
Он/она/оно Categorize
Winter sport
Winter sport Labelled diagram
How often do you...?
How often do you...? Speaking cards
Parts of the house
Parts of the house Match up
Passe compose avec AVOIR
Passe compose avec AVOIR Complete the sentence
Reported Speech Questions
Reported Speech Questions Gameshow quiz
Passe compose avec ETRE
Passe compose avec ETRE Complete the sentence
About Thanksgiving
About Thanksgiving Complete the sentence
Reported Speech Statements
Reported Speech Statements Quiz
Recruitment and Selection Quiz
Recruitment and Selection Quiz Gameshow quiz
Match! Matching pairs
What do we wear?
What do we wear? Categorize
6.1G ¿Quieres ser voluntario/a?
6.1G ¿Quieres ser voluntario/a? Match up
Who...? Match up
Who are they
Who are they Match up
Let's talk about family
Let's talk about family Spin the wheel
Ma ville
Ma ville Group sort
naming salts
naming salts Find the match
Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir
Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir Match up
Places at school quiz
Places at school quiz Quiz
Ratio Quiz
Ratio Quiz Quiz
Les adjectifs
Les adjectifs Quiz
The Lungs
The Lungs Labelled diagram
La technologie est partout
La technologie est partout Match up
In the sea
In the sea Labelled diagram
Shops Hangman
Clothes or not?
Clothes or not? Whack-a-mole
Wild animals
Wild animals Speaking cards
Let's talk bout chores...
Let's talk bout chores... Speaking cards
Kitchen equipment
Kitchen equipment Wordsearch
Haben oder Sein?
Haben oder Sein? Group sort
Match name with picture
Match name with picture Matching pairs
Find the jobs
Find the jobs Wordsearch
Houses Anagram
New Year Questions for Discussion
New Year Questions for Discussion Spin the wheel
3.3G Jouer / Faire + activity
3.3G Jouer / Faire + activity Complete the sentence
Мебель 3.1
Мебель 3.1 Labelled diagram
Capital Letters
Capital Letters Gameshow quiz
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