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CLOTHES Match up
Le parti del corpo
Le parti del corpo Group sort
rutina diaria
rutina diaria Conveyor belt
regular verbs present tense
regular verbs present tense Match up
The Plurals
The Plurals Random wheel
toys Anagram
Year 3 Colours
Year 3 Colours Match up
ue and ue quiz
ue and ue quiz Gameshow quiz
ai Find the match
Singular or Plural Sort
Singular or Plural Sort Group sort
Mon petit boulot
Mon petit boulot Match up
FH3 L19 was/were (group sort)
FH3 L19 was/were (group sort) Group sort
Conjunctions or No?
Conjunctions or No? Group sort
Friendships Group sort
Saint Patrick WS3a
Saint Patrick WS3a Wordsearch
Ordinal Numbers 22.3.21
Ordinal Numbers 22.3.21 Crossword
simple opinions on food
simple opinions on food Match up
Money Higher or Lower
Money Higher or Lower Higher or lower
Past tense
Past tense Quiz
Que hay en tu inst?
Que hay en tu inst? Match up
Les Couleurs
Les Couleurs Whack-a-mole
Year 3 los bichos
Year 3 los bichos Match up
Bl3 C&A Gwisgo
Bl3 C&A Gwisgo Match up
had to
had to Unjumble
Fanboys spinner
Fanboys spinner Random wheel
Warmup Quiz
Warmup Quiz Quiz
FH3 L17 comperative (test review)
FH3 L17 comperative (test review) Missing word
Las asignaturas
Las asignaturas Random wheel
French Subject Pronouns
French Subject Pronouns Match up
Year 7 Revision - 1
Year 7 Revision - 1 Match up
Bl 3 C&A Mynd1
Bl 3 C&A Mynd1 Match up
Brain Warmup-Quiz
Brain Warmup-Quiz Quiz
Flowers Revision
Flowers Revision Quiz
FH3 L19 was/were sentences
FH3 L19 was/were sentences Unjumble
FH3 L20 was/were Yes/No questions
FH3 L20 was/were Yes/No questions Find the match
Las Bebidas
Las Bebidas Whack-a-mole
Bl3 C&A Pa Ddydd?
Bl3 C&A Pa Ddydd? Find the match
2.1 school
2.1 school Find the match
Layout and Language Features
Layout and Language Features Match up
NEA 1 House doboznyitó
NEA 1 House doboznyitó Open the box
Contonet mach
Contonet mach Labelled diagram
Stage 13 Principal Parts
Stage 13 Principal Parts Match up
Navidad en España
Navidad en España Match up
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