Year 9

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Verbo "HACER" en presente
Verbo "HACER" en presente Match up
Shopping Categorize
Las Vacaciones
Las Vacaciones Match up
Les passetemps
Les passetemps Unjumble
Reflection Diagram
Reflection Diagram Labelled diagram
Label the Heart diagram (L3)
Label the Heart diagram (L3) Labelled diagram
Future tense basics
Future tense basics Match up
Au restaurant 2
Au restaurant 2 Group sort
Uhrzeit Labelled diagram
Y9:  El futuro simple
Y9: El futuro simple Match up
Y9FR - Le mariage
Y9FR - Le mariage Random wheel
 Studio 3 Module 1 Unit 1
Studio 3 Module 1 Unit 1 Random wheel
El uniforme
El uniforme Match up
Se debe/no se debe
Se debe/no se debe Group sort
near future
near future Find the match
Familia Match up
Le corps
Le corps Labelled diagram
la technologie
la technologie Missing word
Les tâches ménagères
Les tâches ménagères Find the match
Film und Fernsehen
Film und Fernsehen Match up
Present tense basics
Present tense basics Match up
Viva 3 Module 2 Las profesiones
Viva 3 Module 2 Las profesiones Match up
Blood vessel group sort
Blood vessel group sort Group sort
Genitive Moles COPY
Genitive Moles COPY Whack-a-mole
L'uniforme scolaire
L'uniforme scolaire Labelled diagram
Les films
Les films Match up
Obst und Gemüse
Obst und Gemüse Match up
Near Future
Near Future Unjumble
Word Order Kindheit (Advanced)
Word Order Kindheit (Advanced) Unjumble
Directions Match up
la technologie
la technologie Match up
Das Essen
Das Essen Match up
werden Whack-a-mole
Future job plans & why
Future job plans & why Match up
Respiratory System (L3&4)
Respiratory System (L3&4) Labelled diagram
Ma ville
Ma ville Match up
El tiempo libre - past tense
El tiempo libre - past tense Unjumble
Au restaurant 1
Au restaurant 1 Match up
El cuerpo
El cuerpo Match up
Hobbies recap
Hobbies recap Match up
Mon petit boulot
Mon petit boulot Unjumble
Y9 La routine quotidienne
Y9 La routine quotidienne Random wheel
Je veux être...French jobs
Je veux être...French jobs Match up
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