Year 9

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Scary sentences
Scary sentences Unjumble
Easter in Britain
Easter in Britain Complete the sentence
near future
near future Find the match
El uniforme
El uniforme Match up
Hobbies recap
Hobbies recap Match up
Early Childhood PIES
Early Childhood PIES Complete the sentence
Verbo "HACER" en presente
Verbo "HACER" en presente Match up
Directions Match up
Microscope parts (S3)
Microscope parts (S3) Labelled diagram
Thanksgiving vocabulary
Thanksgiving vocabulary Matching pairs
Aller Quiz
Les passetemps
Les passetemps Unjumble
Las Vacaciones
Las Vacaciones Match up
La Ropa
La Ropa Match up
Mi insti
Mi insti Complete the sentence
Les films
Les films Match up
Label the Heart diagram (L3)
Label the Heart diagram (L3) Labelled diagram
Reflection Diagram
Reflection Diagram Labelled diagram
la technologie
la technologie Match up
Le corps
Le corps Labelled diagram
Familia Match up
Reported Speech Questions
Reported Speech Questions Gameshow quiz
What is this..?
What is this..? Anagram
Reported Speech Statements
Reported Speech Statements Quiz
Las asignaturas
Las asignaturas Find the match
Find the jobs
Find the jobs Wordsearch
Les saisons
Les saisons Group sort
Who are they
Who are they Match up
Let's talk about family
Let's talk about family Spin the wheel
RODA DAS ROUPAS Spin the wheel
Ma ville
Ma ville Group sort
Ratio Quiz
Ratio Quiz Quiz
Ma routine
Ma routine Unjumble
KS3 Biology - Cells
KS3 Biology - Cells Gameshow quiz
Academy Stars 1 Unit 2 He / She / It
Academy Stars 1 Unit 2 He / She / It Quiz
La comida
La comida Group sort
In the sea
In the sea Labelled diagram
 French School subjects and opinions
French School subjects and opinions Group sort
Clothes or not?
Clothes or not? Whack-a-mole
Asignaturas - Adjetivos y opiniones
Asignaturas - Adjetivos y opiniones Group sort
Haben oder Sein?
Haben oder Sein? Group sort
pH Scale With Examples
pH Scale With Examples Labelled diagram
Protéger l'environnement
Protéger l'environnement Match up
Capital Letters
Capital Letters Gameshow quiz
Solubility Graphs
Solubility Graphs Labelled diagram
Macbeth Act 1 scene 1 - quiz
Macbeth Act 1 scene 1 - quiz Quiz
Module 1 Studio 3 vert Revision Fill in the gaps
Module 1 Studio 3 vert Revision Fill in the gaps Complete the sentence
Se debe/no se debe
Se debe/no se debe Group sort
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