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can Random wheel
Can ... ?
Can ... ? Open the box
CAN/CANT Unjumble
Memory - food
Memory - food Matching pairs
Articles Quiz
Travelling vocabulary
Travelling vocabulary Match up
Yesterday afternoon ....
Yesterday afternoon .... Labelled diagram
Types of books
Types of books Match up
Wild animals
Wild animals Find the match
can Find the match
 Can/ Can`t
Can/ Can`t Labelled diagram
prawda czy fałsz Can
prawda czy fałsz Can True or false
Modal verbs - questions & answers
Modal verbs - questions & answers Match up
Angielski Quiz
Sports - unit 7
Sports - unit 7 Match up
JE My favorite sport unit 7
JE My favorite sport unit 7 Find the match
Perimeter - 2
Perimeter - 2 Quiz
Things in the bathroom - JE6 u4
Things in the bathroom - JE6 u4 Match up
JE6 Unit 1 Vocab
JE6 Unit 1 Vocab Anagram
JE 6 UI.1a
JE 6 UI.1a Match up
Teeth Quiz by Maxikaz Games
Teeth Quiz by Maxikaz Games Quiz
JE6 u4  Household chores
JE6 u4 Household chores Match up
Everyday hygiene JE6 u4
Everyday hygiene JE6 u4 Match up
JE 1.1b
JE 1.1b Match up
Junior Explorer U 1.1b
Junior Explorer U 1.1b Anagram
YCT 1-4 我家有四口人 Characters
YCT 1-4 我家有四口人 Characters Whack-a-mole
Getting to know you
Getting to know you Random wheel
Square Numbers!
Square Numbers! Whack-a-mole
Fruits et Légumes
Fruits et Légumes Matching pairs
Perimeter Quiz
La Famille
La Famille Match up
past tense verbs match up
past tense verbs match up Match up
Feelings Inference
Feelings Inference Group sort
Ostern Match up
Apostrophe Find the match
Homophones Quiz
Homophones Quiz Quiz
Dis prefix match up
Dis prefix match up Match up
Space memory game
Space memory game Matching pairs
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