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A-I Spin the wheel
A-I (small-big)
A-I (small-big) Match up
Letters A-Z
Letters A-Z Speaking cards
A-Z words
A-Z words Speaking cards
Words A-F
Words A-F Find the match
All leters
All leters Match up
Aa-Ii Match up
A-N letter and word
A-N letter and word Find the match
Letters A-P
Letters A-P Spin the wheel
Letters A-L
Letters A-L Match up
Colours Open the box
MEALS Group sort
Colours Speaking cards
Alphabet Balloon pop
Alphabet Spin the wheel
Weather Anagram
G E F Group sort
WA_alphabet+words_revision Anagram
Открытый и закрытый слог Колесо (Random Wheel)
Открытый и закрытый слог Колесо (Random Wheel) Spin the wheel
The English Alphabet
The English Alphabet Unjumble
Prepositions of time in/on/at
Prepositions of time in/on/at Group sort
Is it/ It is
Is it/ It is Quiz
Short/long u
Short/long u Speaking cards
Sounds of letter 'a'
Sounds of letter 'a' Quiz
Vowels and consonants
Vowels and consonants Categorize
ALPHABET Open the box
Hit only letter Bb (b and d training)
Hit only letter Bb (b and d training) Whack-a-mole
Wonderland A_revision_A_O
Wonderland A_revision_A_O Image quiz
reading Spin the wheel
Letters (alphabet all)
Letters (alphabet all) Match up
Alphabet Watch and memorize
WA_alphabet_2 Anagram
Открытый и закрытый слоги Group Sort
Открытый и закрытый слоги Group Sort Group sort
Alphabet Speaking cards
Alphabet Baloon Pop A, B, D, E, F, G, H
Alphabet Baloon Pop A, B, D, E, F, G, H Balloon pop
Alphabet Rank order
Alphabet | A-Z
Alphabet | A-Z Quiz
Saisons et mois
Saisons et mois Spin the wheel
Short u
Short u Speaking cards
WA_U_Z Match up
letter-word Match up
WA_alphabet revision
WA_alphabet revision Speaking cards
U short and long
U short and long Group sort
Have/has got (practice 1)
Have/has got (practice 1) Quiz
Can/can't (dialogues)
Can/can't (dialogues) Complete the sentence
There is or There are
There is or There are Quiz
Possesive 's
Possesive 's Complete the sentence
Spotlight 6 My neighbourhood
Spotlight 6 My neighbourhood Find the match
letter a
letter a Speaking cards
How many? 1-5
How many? 1-5 Speaking cards
Sport Speaking Cards
Sport Speaking Cards Open the box
Have/Has got questions
Have/Has got questions Unjumble
Have got/has got
Have got/has got Complete the sentence
Have got/has got + negative
Have got/has got + negative Quiz
To be (he,she, I)
To be (he,she, I) Complete the sentence
Unit 7 It's windy
Unit 7 It's windy Match up
Prepositions of place (sentences 1)
Prepositions of place (sentences 1) Quiz
Can sentences p. 104
Can sentences p. 104 Quiz
Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place Labelled diagram
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