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to be or pronoun
to be or pronoun Quiz
To be (he, she, I)
To be (he, she, I) Quiz
To be (he,she, I)
To be (he,she, I) Complete the sentence
Be, have got
Be, have got Quiz
To be (I,he,she)
To be (I,he,she) True or false
Pronoun + be + emotion
Pronoun + be + emotion Unjumble
Pronounce + to be
Pronounce + to be Open the box
Am,is,are (how old)
Am,is,are (how old) Quiz
Grammar She/He isn't...She/He is
Grammar She/He isn't...She/He is Speaking cards
How many ...are there? There are ....
How many ...are there? There are .... Speaking cards
Am/is/are + feelings
Am/is/are + feelings Quiz
be/ be not + emotions
be/ be not + emotions Complete the sentence
Colours Open the box
MEALS Group sort
Colours Speaking cards
Fill in the gaps with am,is or are.
Fill in the gaps with am,is or are. Complete the sentence
Weather Anagram
Prepositions of time in/on/at
Prepositions of time in/on/at Group sort
Short/long u
Short/long u Speaking cards
Is it/ It is
Is it/ It is Quiz
Sounds of letter 'a'
Sounds of letter 'a' Quiz
Is he/she/it - happy/sad/big/small/fast/slow
Is he/she/it - happy/sad/big/small/fast/slow Quiz
Be or have got (2)
Be or have got (2) Quiz
U short and long
U short and long Group sort
Saisons et mois
Saisons et mois Spin the wheel
Short u
Short u Speaking cards
Am, is, are
Am, is, are Quiz
Spotlight 6 My neighbourhood
Spotlight 6 My neighbourhood Find the match
Possesive 's
Possesive 's Complete the sentence
letter a
letter a Speaking cards
Have/has got (practice 1)
Have/has got (practice 1) Quiz
There is or There are
There is or There are Quiz
Can/can't (dialogues)
Can/can't (dialogues) Complete the sentence
Sport Speaking Cards
Sport Speaking Cards Open the box
Have/Has got questions
Have/Has got questions Unjumble
Have got/has got + negative
Have got/has got + negative Quiz
Have got/has got
Have got/has got Complete the sentence
Numbers 11-20 missing letters (activity 1)
Numbers 11-20 missing letters (activity 1) Quiz
Numbers 1-5
Numbers 1-5 Anagram
How many 1-10
How many 1-10 Speaking cards
Have - has
Have - has Quiz
A-I Spin the wheel
Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place Labelled diagram
Can sentences p. 104
Can sentences p. 104 Quiz
to be
to be Whack-a-mole
Unit 7 It's windy
Unit 7 It's windy Match up
Prepositions of place (sentences 1)
Prepositions of place (sentences 1) Quiz
How many? 1-5
How many? 1-5 Speaking cards
Prepositions of place (sentences 2)
Prepositions of place (sentences 2) Quiz
Prepositions of place (sentences 3)
Prepositions of place (sentences 3) Quiz
What are you doing? - I'm...
What are you doing? - I'm... Quiz
Whose _____
Whose _____ Open the box
Letter e
Letter e Speaking cards
Letter Uu
Letter Uu Speaking cards
Have got/has got (practice 5)
Have got/has got (practice 5) Group sort
Have got/ haven't got (practice 2)
Have got/ haven't got (practice 2) Quiz
Have you got? p.86 ex.2
Have you got? p.86 ex.2 Spin the wheel
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