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Place Value Match Up
Place Value Match Up Match up
telling time quiz
telling time quiz Quiz
Addition Random wheel
时间(Time) Random wheel
2D Shapes Sort
2D Shapes Sort Group sort
Addition/Subtraction Whack-a-mole
Ten More/Less
Ten More/Less Find the match
Counting by 10`ss
Counting by 10`ss Group sort
Making 10
Making 10 Whack-a-mole
Math Problems
Math Problems Random wheel
First Grade Math
First Grade Math Gameshow quiz
Word Problems - Fluency
Word Problems - Fluency Gameshow quiz
Word Problems 2 - Fluency
Word Problems 2 - Fluency Open the box
Addition Match Up
Addition Match Up Match up
Number Recognition.
Number Recognition. Random cards
Quick Facts
Quick Facts Match up
Missing Numbers
Missing Numbers Missing word
Subtraction Balloon pop
number sequence
number sequence Missing word
Shapes Random wheel
Adding Doubles
Adding Doubles Find the match
 number sequence
number sequence Missing word
Combination of 10
Combination of 10 Whack-a-mole
Math Match up - Place Value
Math Match up - Place Value Match up
Addition Problems
Addition Problems Whack-a-mole
Gli amici del 10
Gli amici del 10 Match up
Place value +10,+1,-1 match
Place value +10,+1,-1 match Find the match
100 board - label numbers
100 board - label numbers Labelled diagram
Pizza Group
Pizza Group Random wheel
1 More! Game
1 More! Game Matching pairs
Addition Strategies Sort 6:2:4
Addition Strategies Sort 6:2:4 Group sort
Geometry Quiz
Find the missing number
Find the missing number Balloon pop
Subtraction 1
Subtraction 1 Find the match
Spin a Fact Family
Spin a Fact Family Random wheel
addition stories P1
addition stories P1 Gameshow quiz
Comparing numbers to 20
Comparing numbers to 20 Whack-a-mole
Random Numbers!
Random Numbers! Random wheel
Word Problems 3 - Fluency
Word Problems 3 - Fluency Match up
Math Facts!
Math Facts! Gameshow quiz
True & False Equations
True & False Equations Gameshow quiz
Number Cards-10s
Number Cards-10s Random cards
Tens Spinner
Tens Spinner Random wheel
Wac-a-Mole Plus or Minus Ten
Wac-a-Mole Plus or Minus Ten Whack-a-mole
たしざん Open the box
Attributes of shapes
Attributes of shapes Group sort
Color Words
Color Words Find the match
Grade 1 Math - Tens & Ones
Grade 1 Math - Tens & Ones Open the box