10th Grade

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Reflexive Verbs (Daily Routine)
Reflexive Verbs (Daily Routine) Match up
Cell Labelled diagram
Drug Categories
Drug Categories Group sort
Checks and Balances
Checks and Balances Labelled diagram
Classification Labelled diagram
Sentence Vs. Fragment
Sentence Vs. Fragment Group sort
 Passe compose avec ETRE
Passe compose avec ETRE Complete the sentence
Text Structure
Text Structure Maze chase
Wh- and H Questions
Wh- and H Questions Unjumble
Irregular Preterite
Irregular Preterite Match up
Cell Organelles
Cell Organelles Match up
Congruent Triangles
Congruent Triangles Group sort
Cellular Respiration Diagram
Cellular Respiration Diagram Labelled diagram
Pedigree Chart Identification
Pedigree Chart Identification Labelled diagram
Les meubles dans la cuisine
Les meubles dans la cuisine Labelled diagram
1-25 Random Number Wheel
1-25 Random Number Wheel Spin the wheel
Weather or Climate?
Weather or Climate? Group sort
DNA Replication
DNA Replication Labelled diagram
Carbon Cycle
Carbon Cycle Labelled diagram
F2 les endroits en ville & les activités
F2 les endroits en ville & les activités Find the match
Circles Vocabulary
Circles Vocabulary Match up
Flowering Plant Reproduction-HSHS
Flowering Plant Reproduction-HSHS Labelled diagram
Le parti del corpo
Le parti del corpo Labelled diagram
Spanish Comparisons
Spanish Comparisons Quiz
Second Conditional
Second Conditional Speaking cards
Connotation Matrix
Connotation Matrix Group sort
Parallel Structure
Parallel Structure True or false
Mitosis Labelled diagram
HSHS- Mitosis vs Meiosis
HSHS- Mitosis vs Meiosis Gameshow quiz
Introduction Questions
Introduction Questions Spin the wheel
Gilded Age
Gilded Age Balloon pop
Imperfecto del subjuntivo
Imperfecto del subjuntivo Gameshow quiz
Present Perfect 6B
Present Perfect 6B Whack-a-mole
Organelles Match up
Passive vs Active Transport
Passive vs Active Transport Group sort
Fragewörter Categorize
Reflexive Verbs (Daily Routine)
Reflexive Verbs (Daily Routine) Match up
renewable/nonrenewable Group sort
beau, nouveau, vieux
beau, nouveau, vieux Categorize
Genetics Vocabulary
Genetics Vocabulary Gameshow quiz
L2 我坐校车上学(1)
L2 我坐校车上学(1) Match up
Assets, Liabilities, Owner's Equity
Assets, Liabilities, Owner's Equity Group sort
El imperfecto
El imperfecto Find the match
Cell Organelle Matching Game
Cell Organelle Matching Game Find the match
Los pronombres personales
Los pronombres personales Quiz
Appendicular Skeleton (Anterior View)
Appendicular Skeleton (Anterior View) Labelled diagram
Identifying Homogeneous and Heterogenous mixture
Identifying Homogeneous and Heterogenous mixture Group sort
QUI ou QUE ?
QUI ou QUE ? Quiz
Identifying Functions
Identifying Functions Gameshow quiz
Mechanisms of Evolution
Mechanisms of Evolution Group sort
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