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7th Grade

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Classify the Power
Classify the Power Group sort
Federalism/Powers Group sort
Political Parties
Political Parties Categorize
Foreign vs. Domestic Policy
Foreign vs. Domestic Policy Group sort
Three Branches
Three Branches Group sort
Powers of Congress
Powers of Congress Find the match
Checks and Balances
Checks and Balances Missing word
Amendments #7-10
Amendments #7-10 Find the match
Federalism Unscramble
Affirmative and Negatives
Affirmative and Negatives Maze chase
Spanish Subject Pronouns
Spanish Subject Pronouns Whack-a-mole
Amendments #1-6
Amendments #1-6 Group sort
Court Systems Diagram
Court Systems Diagram Labelled diagram
Root Words
Root Words Find the match
Our Friend, the C_ _ _ _ _    Atom
Our Friend, the C_ _ _ _ _ Atom Labelled diagram
Preamble Mrs. Owen
Preamble Mrs. Owen Find the match
Foreign Policy Goals
Foreign Policy Goals Find the match
AOC-Constitution Rank order
From a Bill to Law
From a Bill to Law Labelled diagram
Data Roulette
Data Roulette Random wheel
la comida
la comida Match up
مفردات True or false
الفصول الأربعة / seasons
الفصول الأربعة / seasons Match up
Plot Diagram Practice
Plot Diagram Practice Maze chase
Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate Group sort