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FLOSS Rule Open the box
sh or ch?
sh or ch? Quiz
ch or tch?
ch or tch? Quiz
K/C/CK Rule
K/C/CK Rule Group sort
sh or ch?
sh or ch? True or false
FLOSS Rule Sort
FLOSS Rule Sort Group sort
VCe missing word
VCe missing word Complete the sentence
ng words
ng words Open the box
b or d?
b or d? Quiz
Noun Sort
Noun Sort Group sort
Dropping Rule
Dropping Rule Quiz
Open vs Closed   SIS
Open vs Closed SIS Group sort
Suffix s True/False
Suffix s True/False True or false
ar/er/or Quiz
c says /k/ or /s/?
c says /k/ or /s/? Group sort
K rule k c // c k
K rule k c // c k Group sort
Syllable Quiz
Syllable Quiz Find the match
b or d Whack-a-mole
b or d Whack-a-mole Whack-a-mole
g says /g/ or /j/?
g says /g/ or /j/? Group sort
1-1-1 Rule
1-1-1 Rule Quiz
AR fill-in end of L4
AR fill-in end of L4 Complete the sentence
K Rule - a, i, u, e
K Rule - a, i, u, e Group sort
o or oo?
o or oo? Quiz
i & e sort
i & e sort Group sort
Suffix s Bingo Words
Suffix s Bingo Words Speaking cards
SIS Ending Blend Snatch 1
SIS Ending Blend Snatch 1 Speaking cards
BB/EB Anagrams
BB/EB Anagrams Anagram
Blend spelling
Blend spelling Open the box
Homonyms with -ed = /t/
Homonyms with -ed = /t/ Complete the sentence
SIS Coding Order
SIS Coding Order Rank order
Pronouns Whack-a-mole
e or ee?
e or ee? Quiz
SIS Up to s=z
SIS Up to s=z Spin the wheel
/ng/ Whack-a-mole
/ng/ Whack-a-mole Whack-a-mole
Game Show Review
Game Show Review Gameshow quiz
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