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7.3 dge/tch spelling
7.3 dge/tch spelling Quiz
oi or oy?
oi or oy? Quiz
Dropping Rule
Dropping Rule Quiz
ch//tch Quiz
7.2 HFW Sentences
7.2 HFW Sentences Anagram
m or n?
m or n? Maze chase
Doubling Rule
Doubling Rule Group sort
 ch/tch wordsearch
ch/tch wordsearch Wordsearch
ou and ow Match
ou and ow Match Find the match
12/6/21-12/10/21- soft c & soft g
12/6/21-12/10/21- soft c & soft g Group sort
3 Sounds of -ed wordsearch
3 Sounds of -ed wordsearch Wordsearch
Garland SW #1 (where-animal)
Garland SW #1 (where-animal) Anagram
c/tch and Hangman
c/tch and Hangman Hangman
Spelling AR-
Spelling AR- Hangman
V.V Flip tiles
 Where Is The Accent?
Where Is The Accent? Group sort
Sonic Search
Sonic Search Wordsearch
Spelling list# 11
Spelling list# 11 Match up
Prefixes pre-, dis-, mis-
Prefixes pre-, dis-, mis- Anagram
week 18
week 18 Missing word
Hayden SW #1 (does-goes)
Hayden SW #1 (does-goes) Anagram
Derivative Rules
Derivative Rules Group sort
School Anagram
School Anagram Anagram
stuff Wordsearch
Consonant Blend Game
Consonant Blend Game Random wheel
long o/long a
long o/long a Matching pairs
Kind Old Words
Kind Old Words Whack-a-mole
Alligators and crocodiles
Alligators and crocodiles Quiz
Listen and match.
Listen and match. Match up
Spelling Words Week 19
Spelling Words Week 19 Wordsearch
Random wheel 02
Random wheel 02 Random wheel
my house spelling
my house spelling Anagram
Phonics 2 unit 2-4
Phonics 2 unit 2-4 Wordsearch
Week 24-Unscramble
Week 24-Unscramble Anagram
Wordsearch Dipthongs #1
Wordsearch Dipthongs #1 Wordsearch
star quatantn
star quatantn Maze chase
Week 18 Hangman
Week 18 Hangman Hangman
Sentences Anagram
Writing in El Preterito
Writing in El Preterito Random wheel
1st Spelling bee
1st Spelling bee Random wheel
יום ירושלים
יום ירושלים Anagram
Short o match
Short o match Match up
Crossword Daily Jan 4th 2023
Crossword Daily Jan 4th 2023 Crossword
Sept. 7 Matching
Sept. 7 Matching Matching pairs
P4Rdg Correct Spelling/Vocab Lessons 1-4
P4Rdg Correct Spelling/Vocab Lessons 1-4 Maze chase
Spelling List April 12
Spelling List April 12 Anagram
Do powtórki
Do powtórki Anagram
word sort ink and ing
word sort ink and ing Categorize
WTW Sort 17
WTW Sort 17 Anagram
Week 18
Week 18 Random wheel
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