TRUST VS. MISTRUST - Baby Christopher's mom feeds him every 3 or 4 hours, burps him, walks with him when he is fussy and makes sure he is dressed warmly every time he goes outside for a walk with her., AUTONOMY VS.SHAME AND DOUBT - Daniel doesn't want to wear the pajamas his mother chose for him. Instead, he STRONGLY prefers last night's (dirty) PJs! Daniel's mom agrees and dresses him in his (dirty) PJ selection., INITIATIVE VS. GUILT - Timmy's mom pours him a bowl of Cheerios and milk. She directs him to go sit at the kitchen table. Timmy reaches for the bowl of Cheerios, announcing, "I carry it!" On the way to the table, lots of Cheerios spill out., INDUSTRY VS. INFERIORITY - It's Little League season and third-grader, Jonathan, can't wait! Last spring he was on Junior Little League and every time he was at bat, he made a hit. He also caught three fly balls, and won MVP at his last game., IDENTITY VS. ROLE CONFUSION - Annie's parents are doctors. Her grandparents are doctors. In fact, Annie's parents have told her that after her high school graduation, they are looking forward to her entering the same profession., INTIMACY VS. ISOLATION - Samuel is tired of meeting women at parties, bars, and dating lots of different people. Sure, it's fun sometimes, but now he'd rather have one special person to settle down with and share his life., GENERATIVITY VS. STAGNATION - Martin has been a very successful business man for nearly 25 years. His 3 children are reaching adulthood. Martin decides to start a small business that provides financial advising to young people just starting out., INTEGRITY VS. DESPAIR - Rosemary loves when her grandchildren visit. She proudly tells them of the great times she had raising her family and making a nice home for everyone she loves. Sometimes, she wishes she went to college and worked outside the home as her husband did, but Rosemary says, "If I did that, I probably wouldn't have had the time to enjoy such a beautiful family!",

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