1) Someone is humming behind you and it bothers you. What do you do? 2) You forgot to bring your homework to school.  You are afraid that your teacher will be mad. What do you do? 3) You woke up late and didn't have time to eat breakfast before school.  What do you do? 4) You got a birthday gift from a friend, but you don't like. What do you do? 5) Someone bumped into you by accident and tells you that they are sorry.  What do you do? 6) Someone is calling you names after you asked them to stop.  What do you do? 7) Someone is poking you and it is starting to bother you.  What do you do? 8) You lost your phone at school and can't find it anywhere. What do you do? 9) Someone cut in front of you in line. What do you do? 10) There is a guy in your class who is always mean to you. He bumps you when he walks by, calls you names and knocks stuff out of your hands. What do you do? 11) You borrowed a friend's videogame. While you had it, you accidentally broke it. You are afraid they will be mad. What do you do? 12) You wake up late for school, so you don't have a chance to eat before you go. What do you do? 13) You are taking a test and there is no talking allowed. You are writing your answers on the paper and your pencil breaks. What do you do? 14) You are taking a test and the guy behind you asks you for help. He wants to know what you put for question number two. What do you do? 15) You are eating at a friend's house. You don't like what your friend's mom made. What do you do? 16) Your teacher was working at her desk.  You wanted to ask her a question, but she didn't see your hand raised. What do you do? 17) You started working on your assignment at home. You aren't sure if you're doing it right. What do you do? 18) The teacher is giving directions, but your friend sitting next to you keeps talking. You can't hear the directions. What do you do? 19) You forgot your lunch at home. What do you do? 20) The person sitting behind you keeps tapping your chair with his foot. What do you do? 21) You loaned your science textbook to a friend, but now they say they have lost it. What do you do? 22) You've been asking a friend to hang out a couple of times, but they keep saying they're busy. What do you do? 23) A friend from class says, "nice shirt." What do you do? 24) Your best friend recently stopped returning your texts and you're not sure why. What do you do? 25) Your friend tells you that another friend was saying mean things behind your back. What do you do? 26) You told a secret to a good friend. You know you ONLY told that person. Several other people have come to you asking you about the secret now. What do you do? 27) Your two friends are fighting. One friend says you shouldn't talk to the other friend, though you want to remain friends with both. What do you do? 28) You see your friend making fun of a new student in school. Your friend is making others laugh and others are joining in. What do you do? 29) You see a friend after school. They look upset. When you ask if they are alright, they say that they just "want to be alone." What do you do? 30) Today is your friend's birthday. What do you do? 31) Your friend just got a haircut. They are really excited about it. You think it looks terrible. What do you say when they ask you if you like their haircut? 32) You are angry about something that happened at home but end up taking it out on your friend, telling him to shut up. Now, he's annoyed with you. What do you do? 33) You get invited to someone's birthday party. They ask if you will come. You really don't want to go, but you feel bad telling them. What do you do? 34) While rushing to your class, you bump into someone by mistake and their books go all over the floor. What do you do? 35) While walking down the hallway, someone bumps into you & your books go all over the place. What do you do? 36) Your math teacher let you out a little late & your next class is across the building. You need to go to your locker to get your book, but you don't think you'll make it. What do you do? 37) While at your locker, a friend slams your locker before you get your books. He then laughs and says, "Sorry, just kidding." What do you do? 38) In the hallway, you hear another student calling a friend some bad names and making fun of them. What do you do? 39) You want to sit next to your friend during lunch, but someone else is sitting there. What do you do? 40) The person next to you at lunch is making a mess. It is annoying & grossing you out. What do you do? 41) A friend tells you that you can't sit next to them at lunch anymore. You don't know why. What do you do? 42) While messing around with a friend, you end up spilling milk & it goes everywhere. What do you do? 43) You have a big scoence project to finish tonight, but your parents say you need to go out for a family dinner with them. What do you do? 44) You ask your parents for money, so you can buy your favorite video games. They only give you half of what you asked for. Now, you know you won't be able to get all of the games you wanted. What do you do? 45) In the middle of playing a videogame with friends, your parents tell you to take the trash out. What do you do? 46) You get in trouble at school and know the teacher or principal will probably call home. What do you do? 47) In the middle of telling your classmates about your favorite movie, another classmate interrupts you and changes the topic. What do you do? 48) You thought you were going to do well on a math test, but when you get it back you see you failed. What do you do? 49) You have a science test tomorrow morning, but your best friend invites you to watch a movie. What do you do? 50) In science lab, you just got partnered up with someone that you don't get along with at all. What do you do? 51) You have to give a presentation tomorrow in history class. You are nervous and hate giving presentations in front of the class. What do you do? 52) Your teacher tells everyone to take out their homework and turn it in. You realize that you didn't know there was homework. What do you do?

Social Problem Solving Scenarios #1

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