__________________ do you live?, Do you live in a _________ or in a __________?, _______ do you usually do in your free time?, _______ do you go at the weekend?, _______ hobbies do you have?, __________ of music do you like?, _______ do you usually listen to music?, _______ is you favourite singer?, _________ is your favourite song?, ________ you play a musical instrument?, ________ many people are there in your family?, ________ often do you use the Internet?, _______ do you usually do on the Internet?, ______ is your favourite website?, Do you _____ things online?, ______ languages do you speak?, ______ TV programmes do you watch?, _________ do we have English classes?, ________ money do you spend?, _________ do you go to the gym?, ________ do you like Tom Cruise?, Is ______ park near you house?, What are you _______ to do after this lesson?, What _______ you wife do?, Where _____ you going this evening?, Which film do you usually watch ___ Christmas or ____ New Year?.

English file elementary questions



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