1) The office________every day. a) clean b) cleans c) is cleaned d) are cleaned e) is cleened f) is cleans 2) Emails____________. a) is send b) send c) sends d) are send e) are sent f) is sent 3) Loud music________. a) are played b) played c) play d) isn´t played e) plays f) is play 4) English_________here. a) aren´t speak b) is spoken c) speaks d) is speaking e) speak f) is speak 5) Dinner_______ every day. a) cooking b) are cooked c) cooks d) cook e) is cook f) is cooked 6) Flowers_________. a) buys b) aren´t bought c) isn´t bought d) are buys e) is bought f) are buying 7) The cars_______every week. a) are washing b) is washed c) washed d) are washed e) isn´t washed f) wash 8) A report ________ every Friday. a) written b) is wrote c) wrote d) writes e) are written f) is written 9) New houses _______ every year. a) are built b) are build c) are building d) built e) builds f) is built 10) Vegetables _______in the market. a) sell b) sells c) are sell d) are selling e) are sold f) isn´t sold 11) The grass_______every day. a) cuts b) is eaten c) is cut d) aren´t bought e) cut f) is cutting 12) Chocolate _______. a) is preferred b) is eating c) eats d) prefer e) are stolen f) stole

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