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True: Using a logical or (II), at least one side of the operator must be true for the expression to be true, The scope of a variable is limited to the block in which it is define, Decimal numbers are only stored by floats or double data types, A variable is a named storage location in the computer's memory, A variable can be used before it is declared, Numeric data types do not have methods associated with them, Using a string method you can force a string to be in all caps, A method with a return type of void does not return a value, False: Variable names can begin with a number, To define a string, you would use single quotes, The value stored in a constant can be changed later in a program, Information after // is read by the compiler, Variables declared within a method can be used outside of the method, All Strings have a length and the first index is 1, You would use a semicolon to terminate a normal method header, All methods return a value,

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