1) Where was Saint Patrick born? a) in Britain (area of England and Wales) b) In Scotland c) in Ireland d) in Northern Ireland  2) How old was Saint Patrick when a group of pirates attacked him? a) He was 13 b) He was 19 years old c) He was 16 d) He was 15 3) Why did Saint Patrick go to Ireland? (more than 1 answer can be correct) a) For a vacation b) Because his family lived there c) To spread Christianity d) Pirates took him and sold him into slavery 4) In Ireland, Saint Patrick worked as a... a) Fisherman b) Shepherd c) Snake hunter d) Priest 5) Did Saint Patrick miss his parents? a) Yes, he did. b) No, he didn't. c) Yes, he does. d) No, he does not. 6) When Saint Patrick listened to the voice, he escaped and went to... a) Wales b) England c) Northern Ireland d) Ireland e) France 7) Saint Patrick was in his sixties when... a) he returned to Ireland b) he became a priest. c) he went to France d) he became a fisherman. 8) Did everyone in Ireland love Saint Patrick? a) Yes, every single person in Ireland loved Saint Patrick. b) Almost everybody  c) Nobody loved Saint Patrick. d) Only kids loved Saint Patrick 9) Do you remember which of these elements did Saint Patrick carry with him? a) a four-leaf clover b) a three-leaf clover 10) What is a shamrock? a) It's a three-leaf clover. b) It's a four-leaf clover. c) It's a five-leaf clover. d) It's a two-leaf clover. 11) He used a shamrock to teach people about... a) family b) friendship c) God 12) According to the legend, are there any snakes in Ireland? a) No, he drove them to the sea. b) Snakes are everywhere! c) Yes, there are 13) When is St Patrick's day celebrated? a) March 17th b) March 16th c) March 18th d) March 15th 14) _________ is the color Irish people wear to honor St Patrick a) Black b) Yellow c) Brown d) Green



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