1) A place where people wait for the bus. a) Supermarket b) Bus station c) Bank 2) I always travel __ car to work. a) on b) by 3) I often travel to school __ foot. a) by b) on 4) A place where patients are treated for different illnesses. a) School b) Library c) Hospital 5) Remember libraries are quiet. You __ speak. a) must b) mustn't 6) A place where people go to read books quietly. a) Museum b) Shopping centre c) Library 7) Emma is fourteen. She __ drive yet. a) can b) can't 8) A big place where you can jog or take your dog for a walk. a) Cinema b) Theatre c) Park 9) It's very hot in here. __ the window, please. a) To open b) Opening c) Open 10) Class is over. __ your books now. a) Closing b) Close c) To close 11) You __ smoke on the plane. a) can b) must c) mustn't 12) I love ice-cream. My sister loves __ too. a) him b) her c) it 13) Mark is over there. Please, call __. a) them b) him c) her 14) Mate loves strawberries. Her girlfriend loves __ as well. a) them b) us c) it 15) I really like this game. Can we play __ again, please? a) it b) him c) me 16) I'm busy now. Could you please text __ later?  a) her b) him c) me 17) My parents care a lot about my sister and I. They love __ so much! a) us b) them c) me 18) A place where you can see actors and actresses performing. a) Cinema b) Theatre c) Sports centre 19) The swimming pool is __ to the bridge. a) behind b) next c) opposite 20) The square is __ the bank and the tall building. a) in front of b) between c) behind

Unit 4 Gold Experience A1

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