The teacher had no idea what was HAPPENING. - going on, Someone robbed me of my wallet but he managed to ESCAPE. - get away, The entire system of the company has STOPPED WORKING. - shut down, Someone must have taken my favourite pen but it APPEARED in my pocket. - turned up, When the fireworks EXPLODED, we were far away from the place. - went off, Students should REVIEW their notes before taking an exam (go) - go over, I FOUND BY CHANCE, a fascinating old diary. - came across, Despite the possible serious consequences, she decided to PROCEED with her decision. - go ahead with, Dave STARTED his own language school with the aim of implementing his teaching methods. - set up, He DISAPPOINTED his teammates because of his bad attitude. - let down, She will have COMPLETED the course by mid-spetember. - seen through, The plane usually LEAVES THE GROUND at the scheduled time. - takes off, Eventually, we will all BECOME ILL WITH Covid. - come down with, Not many people are used to GIVING MONEY BACK. - paying back, it's about time we START DEALING SERIOUSLY WITH this issue. - get down to, we didn't have enough time to LOOK AT all the marvelous pictures at the museum. - take in, she has to START DOING exercise asap or her backache is going to worsen. - take up,

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