1) Would you _______ my dog for me this weekend? a) LOOK DOWN b) LOOK AFTER c) LOOK UP d) LOOK FOR 2) John _______ when he knew his baseball team had lost the game. a) BROKE INTO b) BROKE UP c) BROKE OUT d) BROKE DOWN 3) Our boss _______ our meeting until next week. a) PUT UP b) PUT DOWN c) PUT OFF d) PUT OUT 4) Could you _______ the TV if you leave? a) TURN DOWN b) TURN OFF c) TURN ON d) TURN UP 5) My mother_______ eggs while she was making a cake. a) RAN AWAY b) RAN OUT OF c) RAN INTO d) RAN OVER 6) I don't _______ my new science teacher. a) GET UP b) GET TOGETHER c) GET ON WITH d) GET OVER 7) We both _______ meeting your new girlfriend. a) LOOK UP b) LOOK AFTER c) LOOK OUT d) LOOK FORWARD TO 8) My car _______ on the highway today. a) BROKE OUT b) BROKE DOWN c) BROKE IN d) BROKE UP 9) I can't _______ the cold I caught last week a) GET AWAY b) GET AROUND c) GET OVER d) GET BACK 10) _______ your dirty boots before you walk into the house a) TAKE AFTER b) TAKE OFF c) TAKE APART d) TAKE OUT 11) Tomorrow's game has been _______ because of bad weather. a) CALLED AROUND b) CALLED BACK c) CALLED ON d) CALLED OFF 12) She's ___________ many jobs because of the working environment. a) TURNED OFF b) TURNED DOWN c) TURNED UP d) TURNED IN 13) I __________ an old girlfriend during my last job interview, I felt so embarrassed. a) CAME UP WITH b) CAME ACROSS c) CAME UP d) CAME DOWN 14) In the end, the main character ___________ to be the villain, that was a great plot twist! a) TURNED UP b) TURNED OFF c) TURNED OUT d) TURNED OVER

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