1) ____________ your parents live in France? a) Do b) Does c) Are d) Where 2) _______ she play tennis every day? a) Is b) Do c) Does d) When 3) ______________ you get up? a) Does b) Where is c) When do d) Are 4) _________________ your grandparents live? a) Where do b) Where does c) Does d) Are 5) _________ it eat insects? a) Is b) Do c) What do d) Does 6) Does this train go to London? Yes, it _______. a) goes b) does c) is d) go 7) Do you like cheese? No, I _________. a) don't b) am not c) doesn't d) don't like 8) What time do you do your homework? ____________________________. a) Yes, I do. b) He does his homework at 3:00. c) I do my homework at 3:00. d) No, I don't. 9) ________ your friends read magazines? a) When does b) Do c) Are d) Does 10) _______________ you have lunch? a) When do b) Were does c) Why is d) Does


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