1) What's wrong with him? a) he's sneezing a lot b) He got a blister c) He has a huge rash d) Hr has a temperature 2) What's the problem here? a) She got a sunburnt b) she's choking c) she's sneezing d) She has a headache 3) How can you describe this foot? a) burnt b) swollen c) bleeding d) wounded 4) What's he doing? a) coughing b) having a heart attack c) collapsing d) bleeding 5) What's wrong with him? a) He has a rash b) His arm is swollen c) He broke his arm d) He's bleeding 6) What's happened? a) He's collapsed b) He has a temperature c) He got blisters d) he has been injured 7) What's wrong with him? a) He has a sore throat b) He got a blister c) His neck is swollen d) he's sneezing 8) What's happening? a) He's got a runny nose b) He's choking c) He's been wounded d) He's got a backache 9) What are these? a) plaster b) painkillers c) sneezing d) bandages 10) How did she treat the wound? a) she put a plaster on b) she pressed the wound c) she got stitches d) she put a bandage on 11) What is she doing? a) She's calling 911 b) She's putting a bandage on c) She's covering the wound d) She's giving him first aid 12) What is the doctor doing? a) He's checking his blood pressure b) He's checking his pulse c) He's taking his temperature d) he's giving him first aid

Illnesses and injuries - English File Upper-Intermediate

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